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Monday, June 25, 2012

For Evil Eye

Shows a yantra which is highly effective in those cases in which a child has been affected by the “evil eye”. The yantra should written on paper with black ink and be engraved or embossed on copper or stainless steel plate and put around the child’s neck.

Another use of this yantra is for the child who weeps too much, remains sick up to the age of 3 or who urinates in the night. The use of this yantra will alleviate the problem.
Note: For record purposes only.
Source: Secrets of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra


Sandi Buchanan said...

I could use some more information on this. Several of my children clients have sleep terrors and when they get ill with a virus or passing illness, their symptoms are much worse and the fits of crying and panic or appeared disgruntled situation is unbearable. What does placing the symbols do? What does it say? What is causing these terrors, illnesses and weeping. All the children have all the symptoms. Thank you for any help you have. Sandi Buchanan, CFT, RMT

Reby267 said...

Happy monday
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