The main aim of this blog is give information all about alternative healing, also to share some of my compilation and research in HERBAL MEDICINE, Acupressure, Reflexology, Acupuncture Points, some healing methods in YOGIKA CHIKITSA (Yogic Treatments), Ayurveda, the other Herbals used by our local healers, always visit for UPDATES...


Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries. However, much progresses science makes in the field of medicine, people still come back to these simple herbal remedies.

WHY? Because experience has shown that herbal remedies are gentle, sure and above all safe.

HERBS are a part of nature, just as man himself is a part of nature. Herbs contain nature's elements in balanced form, each herb containing just those elements needed to help the particular ailment for which it is used. They're all been tried and tested for THOUSAND of YEARS.

We are not suggesting or disclaiming any of orthodox or unorthodox methods of healing but we are giving more emphasis on the naturopathy as a surest way of recovery in general. Implementations of any comprehensible potion in any manner not endorsed by our website are absolutely out of our liabilities. Preparation and procedures of application are not well explained due to some limitations of on-line communication.

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