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Sunday, March 15, 2009


BASIL (Ocimum basilicum) Family: LabiataeCommon names: Sweet basil, common basil, garden basil, St. Josephwort.

Tagalog: Balanoi, solasi, albahaka.
Bisayan: Bouak, kaluwi, albahaka.
Ilokano: Biday.

Description: The basil plant is erect, branched, slightly hairy, and very aromatic. It reaches about 1 meter high. It grows spontaneously in open waste places. The leaves are ovate to oblong-ovate, entire, somewhat toothed. The flowers are purplish or pink, in racemes, up to 15 cm long. This plant must not be confused with Wild Basil (Calamintha clinopodium), which has small clusters fo red flowers and produces very small black seeds.


GINSENG (Panax schin-seng) Family: Araliaceae
Common names: Asiatic ginseng, Chinese ginseng, wonder-of-the-world.
Description: Ginseng is a small perennial plant growing in damp woodland, cultivated mainly in Korea. The root is aromatic, grows to length of 50 cm, and it is always divided in the end. It resembles the form of human person, in some respects. The stem is simple, glabrous, bearing compound leaves consisting of finely double-serrate leaflets. The fruit is a small drupe-like, red, edible berry.

Medicinal use: Ginseng is demulcent, panacea, stimulant, stomachic, tonic. It regularizes menstruation and eases childbirth. It is appetizer, and regulates the function of the bowels and the stomach. Ginseng is considered as a rejuvenator. It is helpful in coughs, cold and chest problems. Ginseng is considered to be a specific medicine for sexual impotency. looking to China, where ginseng is highly used, who can doubt that ginseng is an aphrodisiac?

Parts used: The root.
Dose: Normal


-Herba buena (Eng. Marsh mint) + Eucalyptus + Oregano (coleus amboinicus) = treatment for cough
-Serpentina (maravillosa) = treatment for diabetes
-Lemon + Ginger = treatment for rheumatism (nerve enhancer)
-Makahiya (Eng. Sensitive plant) = treatment for internal infections
-Eucalyptus = treatment for acute bronchitis (vaporizing within 30 minutes)
-Corn hair = for heart trouble
-Coconut oil + camphor oil or garlic oil, gumamela (Eng. Hibiscus, China Rose, Shoeflower), -artamisa (Eng. Motherwort, felon herb, mugwort, worm wood, wegwood) = treatment for wounds
-Tanglad china (Chinese lemon grass) and Eucalyptus = treatment for asthma
-Java mint can cure asthma, T.B., lump, mash, sinusitis (adenoid), and for bacteria.
-Coco juice + Chinese lemon grass can be used as hot compress on patient with stroke.
-Banana peeling (Lakatan) when roasted is an alternative cure for a person suffering from Gastro enteritis.
-Pandan root when boiled with **** is an alternative medicine for impotency.