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Sunday, March 15, 2009


-Herba buena (Eng. Marsh mint) + Eucalyptus + Oregano (coleus amboinicus) = treatment for cough
-Serpentina (maravillosa) = treatment for diabetes
-Lemon + Ginger = treatment for rheumatism (nerve enhancer)
-Makahiya (Eng. Sensitive plant) = treatment for internal infections
-Eucalyptus = treatment for acute bronchitis (vaporizing within 30 minutes)
-Corn hair = for heart trouble
-Coconut oil + camphor oil or garlic oil, gumamela (Eng. Hibiscus, China Rose, Shoeflower), -artamisa (Eng. Motherwort, felon herb, mugwort, worm wood, wegwood) = treatment for wounds
-Tanglad china (Chinese lemon grass) and Eucalyptus = treatment for asthma
-Java mint can cure asthma, T.B., lump, mash, sinusitis (adenoid), and for bacteria.
-Coco juice + Chinese lemon grass can be used as hot compress on patient with stroke.
-Banana peeling (Lakatan) when roasted is an alternative cure for a person suffering from Gastro enteritis.
-Pandan root when boiled with **** is an alternative medicine for impotency.

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