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Sunday, March 15, 2009


GINSENG (Panax schin-seng) Family: Araliaceae
Common names: Asiatic ginseng, Chinese ginseng, wonder-of-the-world.
Description: Ginseng is a small perennial plant growing in damp woodland, cultivated mainly in Korea. The root is aromatic, grows to length of 50 cm, and it is always divided in the end. It resembles the form of human person, in some respects. The stem is simple, glabrous, bearing compound leaves consisting of finely double-serrate leaflets. The fruit is a small drupe-like, red, edible berry.

Medicinal use: Ginseng is demulcent, panacea, stimulant, stomachic, tonic. It regularizes menstruation and eases childbirth. It is appetizer, and regulates the function of the bowels and the stomach. Ginseng is considered as a rejuvenator. It is helpful in coughs, cold and chest problems. Ginseng is considered to be a specific medicine for sexual impotency. looking to China, where ginseng is highly used, who can doubt that ginseng is an aphrodisiac?

Parts used: The root.
Dose: Normal

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