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Friday, June 17, 2011

ASANAS: Siddhasana (The Perfect Posture)

A) Sit comfortably

B) Place the left heel at the perineum (or anal aperture).

C) Place the right heel directly over the left heel, pressing against the root of the generative organ.

(Traditionally the upper heel would press at the root of the generative organ, at the pubis root).

D) Push the toes and the edge of the right foot between the left thigh and calf muscles.

E) Sit comfortably, steady, with spine erect.

F) Lower the chin towards the collarbone, relaxing the head (today some practice with the head upright and eyes closed).

G) Gaze into the ájñá chakra (third eye). [When the eyes become tired, close them and gaze at the space in front of the eyes.]

H) Place the hands in the ‘Jñyán mudrá’. (The tips of the thumb and index fingers touch, forming a circle with the fingers. The three remaining fingers remain outstretched or uncurled—palms face upward.) This hand position is said to prevent the energy from flowing out of the body via the fingers. Alternatively, one practices the ‘Chin Mudrá’. (Place the tips of the index finger at the root of the thumbs, and place the palms on the knees.)

Siddhásana is the most important of the ásanas. It should always
be practiced as it purifies the 72,000 nadis.
Hatha Yoga Pradipika: Ch. 1; verse 38-9

When perfection is attainable through siddhásana, what is
the use of practicing many other ásanas?
Hatha Yoga Pradípika: Ch. 1; verse 41

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