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Monday, July 19, 2010

GARLIC Puts the ‘OoMpH’ Back in YouR Love Life


If you love life isn’t as wild and zesty as it used to be, spice it up – with garlic!

The miracle herb is loaded with power-packed ingredients guaranteed to get your sex engines revving, says Dr. Morton Walker, author of Sexual Nutrition and Healing Power of Garlic.

“Garlic is a prime sex nutrient,” says Morton. “It will fill a woman with desire and allow man to build up his supply of the male hormone testosterone – dramatically increasing sex drive.”

Many ancient cultures used the pungent herb as an aphrodisiac, adds Dr. Herb Pierson, of Preventive Nutrition Consultants in Seattle Washington. They just boiled it in water and then sipped it like a tea.

“The most common sex-enhancing potion in the wolrd, especially in primitive cultures, is still garlic and hot water,” says Pierson.

In addition to directly building up your sex drive, garlic does even more to boost your love life. Experts say this miracle mood food:

· Wipes away anxiety and irritability – two things that can wreck a romantic moment;

· Is loaded with feel-good substances that get you fired up about sex;

· Keeps a gal’s reproductive system in tip-top shape and slashes the risk of female infections;

· Helps men and women look their best – and most appealing.

“Garlic banishes negative feelings that take the spark out of your love life and leave it completely flat, “ says Lynn Allison, author of the Magic of Garlic.

“By lifting your mood, it can make sex much easier – something that returns naturally to your life.”

While testing garlic’s effectiveness at cleaning the blood and lowering cholesterol levels. German researchers discovered a surprising side effect – a greater sense of well-being.

That’s because garlic triggers the flow of serotonin – Mother’s Nature’s feel-good chemical – from the brain.

“Some researchers think garlic could even be used as a natural substitute for antidepressants,” adds Pierson.

Incredibly, European scientists have discovered that people who eat garlic for health and long life often hit the 100 mark – and remain sexually active! The same researchers are building a mountain of evidence that the herb is a potent antibacterial agent, a natural wonder at clearing up infections that can devastate a woman’s love life.

Garlic even makes skin more elastic. And, if you mix it with cider vinegar, it becomes a great weight-loss concoction that helps you look and feel more frisky.

Physical problems can also slash your sex drive and interfere with your ability to perform. But taking drugs to treat the condition can sometimes make thins worse.

“Fatigue can rob you of both your sex appeal and your sex drive,” says Allison. “But the reservoir of energy you get from adding garlic to your diet as a natural tonic can restore both.”

Good news for folks who can’t stand the smell of garlic: There’s a non-smelly deodorized variety called Kyolic, which works just as well as the real thing. And it’s available in most health food stores.

But if you’d rather go natural, simply chew on a sprig of fresh parsley or a coffee bean to kill the odor. You can also eat a bowl of sherbet or sip some lemon juice to leave your mouth feeling fresh – and more kissable.

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