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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Jianshi P-5: sudden palpitations, oppression of the chest, apprehensiveness, susceptibility to fright, sudden fright disorder in children4, epilepsy, mania, sudden mania, manic raving, agitation and restlessness, absentmindedness, poor memory, loss of voice, ghost evil.

Yangxi L.I.-
5: mania-depression disorder, febrile disease with agitated Heart, manic raving, propensity to laughter, sees ghosts, fright.

Fenglong ST-40: mania-depression disorder, mad laughter, great happiness, desire to climb to high places and sing, desire to undress and run around, restlessness, sees ghosts, indolence, epilepsy.

Jiexi ST-41: epilepsy, spasm, mania, agitation, sadness and weeping, fright palpitations, Stomach heat with raving, sees ghosts.

Tianfu LU-3: somnolence, insomnia, sadness, weeping, absent-minded and forgetful, floating corpse ghost-talk, melancholy crying ghost talk.

Shenzhu (GV)DU-12: mad walking, delirious raving, sees ghosts, rage with desire to kill people.

Tianzhu BL-10:
mania, ceaseless talking, sees ghosts, epilepsy, childhood epilepsy.

Renzhong (GV)DU-26:
mania-depression disorder, epilepsy, inappropriate laughter, unexpected laughter and crying, speaking without awareness of a person’s high or low status, ghost attack.

“In cases where the ghost’s (i.e. evil spirit’s) influence was the result of a gradual process,the victim would initially be sad, sensitive, and withdrawn. As the ghost’s powers over the victim’s mind became stronger, he would begin to behave as if he were in a dream, talk about ghostly matters, or act as if he were conversing with ghosts”.

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